Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Love-Hate Relationship

School and me have a love-hate relationship. I love education and learning new things. It is difficult when I don't wanna take the 50 steps it takes to get to the actual class. I mean think about it: what is it about those extra steps it takes to go to class.... I know that if a contender asked me to take a walk with him I'd be A-Okay about going those extra steps. However, walking to class is like taking a trip through a desert: long and boring. Oh, OH... but not hot like a desert.

Rexburg is literally bipolar. So, Sunday was a gorgeous day along with Friday & Saturday. It was in the 70s and the sun was shining. Monday comes around and everything is okay, the birds are singing, the heat of the sun is reflecting off your face, and the white fluffy clouds make animal-shapes on the contrasting blue sky. You go to class and when you get out the birds are non-existent. The day is gloomy and gray just like an eerie cemetery. AND THEN...IT STARTS TO RAIN! Ugh. And it is not that type of rain that just stays for a while and then it gets all pretty again. It is the type that lingers until right now and it is Tuesday. Today in Minnesota (my home state) it was 102deg. Needless to say I was a bit homesick.

However, don't get me wrong I love the rain and the thunderstorm weather in general. What I am not too fond of it the drastic mood swings planet earth has in Rexburg. It is literally like a pregnant women whom is happy one moment and crying the next. Planet Earth (in relation to Rexburg) has HORMONES. and it can't control it... SO I guess I'll put my rain jacket on and walk out the door and slowly walk those long steps to my education.

Well... this blog thing really helps with unrevealing what is on one's mind. However, I must go to sleep.